Ouya & Education

Ouya & Education 1

You may wonder what I mean in the title if this article. I wonder too. I think As I am growing old I might be losing my sanity on the way. This morning I had a vision that I want to share with you. Don’t worry, it will be brief and painless.

Perhaps the videogame market from an educational point of view is a little confusing, since it is an impossible task to find any other option than the three major consoles in the whole market. The times I finished a pack of snuff playing Quake III Arena at night are over, now I’m trying to think more about games industry and the current situation. If I want my son’s becoming more familiar with videogames in the best way possible, to buy a Wii U or 3DS does not cut it for me, I really want to deeply involve myself because I want to give my best and I feel more responsible in this particular area.

Furthermore, Ouya needs a way to enter our living rooms and avoid market saturation. So I thought that if Ouya partners with companies developing educational software/video games just as they are doing with vevo, xbmc, onlive… families would then have a cheap console with educational software built in and new software costs would not be prohibitive (the economy of many families really appreciate it) and a great collection of games.

This creates a possible NEW target for all companies that develop educational software for iPad provided that they can benefit from bigger profit margins that the AppStore does, and the versatility implicit in developing for Android (either tablet or not) given its viral growth, allows to use the same software in a tablet, a smartphone or Ouya itself. A significant bite to Nintendo market share at much lower price, in terms of ecosystem and in the family market. Don’t you think an Ouya tablet would be a great way to grow?, Wouldn’t you buy an Ouya tablet with full gaming pad support and full interaction with Ouya console?.

Finally I want to mention Sugar, a Linux-based free software that implements gamification techniques to education and learning processes for children. A very interesting proyect for Ouya to be involved and to be the first console to run Sugar in a TV in our living rooms.